In Ground Pool

~Starts September 14th, 2020 and Ends June 8th, 2021


~Deadline to Enter is August 28th, 2021!!


~"Winner" will be chosen on June 8th, 2021!

~What you're Getting

An in ground pool, with a variety of design options for you! 


You must enter before Deadline of offer. Offers will change frequently due to new discounts and various changes of offers and promo codes! 


~"Winner" will be able to pick and choose how item is designed. "Winner" decides how to utilize. No additional warranties will be given along with product. All taxes, fees, shipping cost and the instalment will paid for in full by Evol3dGroup. We will not be paying for any additional fees. Total prices of this specific product will range from $20,000 to $30,000 "USD".


This specific donation will be going to "The Alzheimer's Association" Charity group.